Linkerator 2.1.3

  • Fixed an issue where the first completion for a partial link typed in chat input box would sometimes get deselected with the cursor moved to its end, preventing one from continuing to type something else (e.g. intending to type the first three letters of [Bracers of the Green Fortress], but getting “[B.O.O.M Operative’s Beltr” or “[B.O.O.M Operative’s Belta” instead).
  • Link completion in the chat input box is now triggered 0.25 seconds after the latest character is typed (instead of every 0.25 seconds while the input box contains new characters), further reducing lag while typing.
  • Fixed several issues with using the Tab key to cycle through possible link completions or advance the cursor withing them.

7 Responses to “Linkerator 2.1.3”

  1. Eric Vice Says:

    When you do a /link lookup, what do you think about separating the links with spaces instead of putting them each on a line? I realize this is going to require more intelligence in the display routine, but sometimes if you use stupid search arguments, you get a lot of results. 🙂

    Are you planning any future releases? I will be happy sometime in the not-too-distant future to review your stuff again, but I need some time to pass so the readership doesn’t think we have something going on. lol.

  2. Gnarfoz Says:

    Seriously, all efforts appreciated, but the old style didn’t have so many quirks and worked flawlessly. Any chance of a toggle or a revert?

    A database of items with constant size should really not be a concern with RAM sizes these days, only constantly growing memory use (a.k.a. mem leaks) are troubling, IMHO.

  3. Mikhael Says:

    With the latest version, if you type fast enough, for instance [Major Healing Potion] turns into [Mr…. i.e. the ajor overwrite each other. Perhaps the auto-complete frequency needs to be bumped up a bit?

  4. JCinDE Says:

    Any chance we can get an option to use the old name database or use the new fangled built in thing? 2.1 just had a much more solid feel to it imo.

  5. Gazmik Fizzwidget Says:

    Gnarfoz, JCinDE:

    Progress sometimes involves “quirks”. Unfortunately, WoW is a very dynamic environment — problems can sometimes be difficult to reproduce, and if they can’t be reproduced, they can’t be fixed. I’ll continue refining the database-less Linkerator until it, too, works flawlessly… until then, you’re welcome to use version 2.1 if you prefer it.


    Are you sure this is with version 2.1.3 (or newer), not 2.1.2? I’ve been unable to reproduce this problem.

    Eric Vice:

    Not a bad idea… I’ll look into it. And there’ll always be future releases. 😀

  6. Thirn Says:

    I can verify the problem reported by Mikhael.

    What exactly happens for me is :

    If you do not type fast enough, i.e make a pause while typing an item link – it gets auto filled by the Linkerator. Next, if you attempt to continue typing the added part disappears, however the letters you type in swap each other (I noticed the “editing selection” gray highlight), thus getting stuck as you type in “one spot”.

  7. Gordon Tyler Says:

    I’ve also seen the problem described by Mihael and Thirn, typing [] links is very hard because the last couple letters get selected and then replaced when I type some more letters. I use the Prat addon if that would affect it?

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