Linkerator 11200.1

  • Updated TOC to reflect compatibility with WoW patch 1.12.
  • Rewrote the link storage code; we now use a much more compact format for all links, further cutting down on SavedVariables size and memory usage. When you log in for the first time after having used previous versions of Linkerator, you’ll be prompted to upgrade the database.
  • A side effect of the above is that a couple of errors introduced in the last version have been eliminated (“Linkerator.lua:783 Bad argument #1 to ‘getn'” and “can’t parse link for key”, at least).
  • Stored links are now segregated by locale. This should avoid problems where European players (or others capable of using the same WoW account on multiple servers of different languages) would see links in the wrong language.
  • Fixed a few issues with autocomplete behavior.

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