Linkerator 11100.1

  • Updated TOC to reflect compatibility with WoW patch 1.11.
  • Automatic “linkifying” is now applied to macros as well as to text manually typed in chat. (Actually, it isn’t specifically applied to macros; anything which uses the same mechanism — scripting the chat EditBox to send text to chat — will also be affected.)
  • Now uses a more compact format for storage of many item links; this should cut down on memory usage and loading time somewhat.
  • Linkerator now tracks enchant links in addition to item links. For example, you can now type “[Enchant Weapon – Crusader]” in chat and it’ll become a “live” hyperlink (assuming Linkerator has seen that link before).
  • The /link import command now also imports items listed in your WoW client’s cache. It also goes through Linkerator’s own cache, purging any invalid links and converting item links to the new format.
  • Assisted completion is now available when typing links into chat:
    • As you type out a link (that is, type a ‘[‘ and then start typing the name of an item or enchant known to Linkerator), a suggested completion will appear (in highlighted text, so that continuing to type will overwrite it and refine the suggestions).
    • Typing a ‘]’ while a suggested completion is visible will insert the completed link.
    • When several links which all start with the same text are available, pressing Tab will jump the cursor ahead within the completion so you can skip typing common prefixes. (For example, type ‘ench’, tab, space, ‘w’, tab, ‘d’, ‘]’ to get “[Enchant Weapon – Demonslaying]”.)
    • Otherwise, if multiple completions are available, pressing Tab will cycle through them. (For example, typing ‘arcanist ‘ and then pressing Tab repeadedly will show ‘arcanist belt’, ‘arcanist bindings’, ‘arcanist boots’, ‘arcanist crown’, etc.)

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