Guildentipper 1600.3

  • Some recent WoW patch left us with a tendency to not resize the tooltip appropriately when adding text. Fixed.

3 Responses to “Guildentipper 1600.3”

  1. CarLBanks Says:

    I found another bug, I was looking at the guild of someone in my party and when it told where they were at it didn’t show their guild until they came close to us.

  2. Sallyshock Says:

    I love this mod! It’s small and lightweight. I orginally got a tooltip mod cause I wanted to see the guild in the tooltip but had to get an “Alterac Army knife” to find one that did it proper. 🙂

    I’d stop using my “Alterac Army knife” entirely if your mod did one more (hopefully?) simple thing. Or maybe make another mod that works with this one…

    I really enjoy seeing what type of mob it is, i.e. If it’s a rare spawn, see rare, rare elite, worldboss, etc. I’d add the functionality myself, but couldn’t quite figure out where to make it hook in, etc. So. Thank you very much Mr. Fizzwidget, let me know if you ever need some help to take out a pirate or two. Wouldn’t want your buisness to get cramped, you know. =)

  3. Repabil Says:

    I still have the problem of which the line “Level X race class (type)” dissapears (but the tooltips doesn’t collapse). It doesn’t always happen but when it happen it seems to happen after viewing the tooltip some seconds.

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