Feed-O-Matic 4.0

  • Updated for compatibility with WoW Patch 4.0.1 (and Cataclysm Beta). This update will not work on WoW version 3.3.5; do not download if your realm has not yet updated to Patch 4.0!
  • NOTE: Cataclysm foods are not yet in the database; they will be provided in a future update.

21 Responses to “Feed-O-Matic 4.0”

  1. Neht Says:

    when i try to use hotkey get error: !QSERR:Interface\AddOns\GFW_FeedOMatic.lua:230:attemt to call global ‘GetSpellName’ (a nil value)

  2. Gazmik Fizzwidget Says:

    Feed-O-Matic 4.0 no longer references GetSpellName; if you’re seeing this error, you haven’t installed the latest version (or haven’t installed it properly).

  3. Neht Says:

    Completely deleted old folder and reinstalled with fresh download..think I used wowmatrix to update it when I posted last. Seems to work now.

  4. Honda Says:

    Is there a way to make FeedOMatic remember that i want to feed my pet “well fed” food? every time i recall my pet, i have to tell it i want to use “well fed” items.

  5. swordoath Says:

    I’m noticing that the new version does not tell you that your pet is hungry right away after taming them, and that even after it reaches full happiness, you have to feed it again to get the icon to stop flashing. Other than that, seems to function just as before. Glad that you continue to provide updates on this one; it’s a real help and I don’t think I could go back to playing a hunter without it.

  6. REH Says:

    After cleaning out the wtf and saved variables and reinstalling a clean version (not overwriting an old folder) I still get a “your pet doesn’t like that food” error.

    FOM was working after the patch, then stopped working, stated working in a new play session yesterday then stopped after I summoned my tank pet for a fight.

    The food tool tips still reflect accurately that the pet likes/loves a food item but pressing my bind key gives me the “your pet doesn’t like that food” error.

    Any ideas?

  7. swordoath Says:

    Slight update to previous post; it seems the addon won’t tell me that my pet is hungry until after I notice and feed it. Upon using my feed button, it THEN displays the message and plays the sound.

  8. Grindlepol Says:

    Hi, great little add-on – but in Ver4 “well feed” food still need to be turn on every time you log in and just one small point the sound (for cat hunger) is the same as the elf starting pet and the Frostsaber in winterspring when it yawning could we have a different sound? i.e. Bill Crosby saying ‘feed me’ or something like lol

    Still a great add-on tho 🙂

  9. Gazmik Fizzwidget Says:


    This is fixed for the next release. Thanks for the report!

    Grindlepol & Honda:

    Looking into this — it might be an issue with the Ace library I’m using for saving preferences.


    That sounds like an issue with the food database — we’re trying to feed your pet an item she won’t eat. (The “likes/loves” tooltip only indicates which foods are better than others among those we think the pet will eat.)

    When you see this error, please let me know what food FOM’s been trying to use — that way I can see about removing it from the database. (You can see what will be fed to the pet next by mousing over the pet happiness icon in the default UI, or by looking at what’s currently at the top of the list in FOM’s Food Preferences window with “show only foods in my inventory” and “show only foods my pet will eat” checked.)

  10. Honda Says:

    Forgot to say, Thanks for this addon, it makes running a hunter so much easier, will keep watching to see when you next update..

  11. TheGriffon Says:

    I get the “your pet doesn’t like that food” error any time I try to feed my bear eggs.

  12. Zidomo Says:

    That problem posted about by Swordoath above is still present in Feed-O-Matic v4.0 six weeks after he posted. The text and sound need-to-feed alerts completely fail to work after you have them set up.

    I also posted about it later in the comments for the mod on WowInterface before coming here and seeing Swordoath’s post.

    Further problems: it bugs out when training a new pet and trying to feed it in (using a previous keybind) the same session. The (BC-era) food the pet needs is present in packs and works fine with earlier trained pets. The following errors are thrown up and it fails to feed:

    [“message”] = “CreateFrame: Can’t create ‘Button’ now:\n: ?\n: in function CreateFrame'\nGFW_FeedOMatic-4.0 (r$Revision: 708 $)\\FeedOMatic.lua:282: in functionFOM_Initialize’\nGFW_FeedOMatic-4.0 (r$Revision: 708 $)\\FeedOMatic.lua:310: in function FOM_OnEvent'\n<string>:\"*:OnEvent\":1: in function <[string \"*:OnEvent\"]:1>\n\nLocals:|r\n(*temporary) = \"Button\"\n(*temporary) = \"FOM_FeedButton\"\n(*temporary) = PetFrameHappiness {\n 0 = <userdata>\n}\n(*temporary) = \"SecureActionButtonTemplate\"\n\n ---", ["type"] = "error", ["time"] = "2010/11/27 09:57:27", ["session"] = 704, ["counter"] = 5, }, -- [974] { ["message"] = "GFW_FeedOMatic-4.0 (r$Revision: 708 $)\\FeedOMatic.lua:731: attempt to index global 'FOM_FeedButton' (a nil value)\nGFW_FeedOMatic-4.0 (r$Revision: 708 $)\\FeedOMatic.lua:690: in functionFOM_PickFoodForButton’\nGFW_FeedOMatic-4.0 (r$Revision: 708 $)\\FeedOMatic.lua:347: in function FOM_OnEvent'\n<string>:\"*:OnEvent\":1: in function <[string \"*:OnEvent\"]:1>\n\nLocals:|r\npet = \"Unknown\"\ndietList = <table> {\n 1 = \"Meat\"\n 2 = \"Fish\"\n}\nfoodBag = 3\nfoodSlot = 6\n\n ---", ["type"] = "error", ["time"] = "2010/11/27 09:57:28", ["session"] = 704, ["counter"] = 1, }, -- [975] { ["message"] = "GFW_FeedOMatic-4.0 (r$Revision: 708 $)\\FeedOMatic.lua:731: attempt to index global 'FOM_FeedButton' (a nil value)\nGFW_FeedOMatic-4.0 (r$Revision: 708 $)\\FeedOMatic.lua:690: in functionFOM_PickFoodForButton’\nGFW_FeedOMatic-4.0 (r$Revision: 708 $)\\FeedOMatic.lua:347: in function FOM_OnEvent'\n<string>:\"*:OnEvent\":1: in function <[string \"*:OnEvent\"]:1>\n\nLocals:|r\npet = \"Bird of Prey\"\ndietList = <table> {\n 1 = \"Meat\"\n 2 = \"Fish\"\n}\nfoodBag = 3\nfoodSlot = 6\n\n ---", ["type"] = "error", ["time"] = "2010/11/27 09:57:28", ["session"] = 704, ["counter"] = 1, }, -- [976] { ["message"] = "GFW_FeedOMatic-4.0 (r$Revision: 708 $)\\FeedOMatic.lua:731: attempt to index global 'FOM_FeedButton' (a nil value)\nGFW_FeedOMatic-4.0 (r$Revision: 708 $)\\FeedOMatic.lua:690: in functionFOM_PickFoodForButton’\nGFW_FeedOMatic-4.0 (r$Revision: 708 $)\\FeedOMatic.lua:380: in function `FOM_OnEvent’\n:\”:OnEvent\”:1: in function <[string \”:OnEvent\”]:1>\n\nLocals:|r\npet = \”Bird of Prey\”\ndietList =


    table> {\n 1 = \”Meat\”\n 2 = \”Fish\”\n}\nfoodBag = 3\nfoodSlot = 6\n\n —“, [“type”] = “error”, [“time”] = “2010/11/27 09:57:28”, [“session”] = 704, [“counter”] = 4, }, — [977]

    Maintaining the same pet, it sometimes throw the same errors (“CreateFrame: Can’t create ‘Button’ now” & “GFW_FeedOMatic-4.0 (r$Revision: 708 $)\\FeedOMatic.lua:731: attempt to index global ‘FOM_FeedButton’ (a nil value)”) in later sessions.

    Using the updated LibPeriodicTable r305 from WowAce.

  13. Zidomo Says:

    Sorry about the large error block (containing several different errors) above. You can’t edit or preview posts here unfortunately; also I normally post on forums that use BBCode, WikiCreole or HTML.

  14. Moldavia Says:

    Not sure how often the Author(s)/Helper(s) come look at the site here so just wanted to post early. Thank you for all the work you do making/updating this mod and my family and I appreciate it since it helps make the game more enjoyable. I wanted to wish You and Your Family a Happy Holidays and New Year. 🙂 Moldavia and Family

  15. Daeymien Says:

    In regards to the “your pet doesn’t like that food”, from what I’ve tested it’s a problem with eggs and the database reporting that every species of pet (from what I’ve tested) likes to eat them.

  16. Dirtdogg Says:

    Hey I am wondering why Roast Beef isnt being found in my folder.. I have the button set up correctly and i can manually feed my pet the roast beef but FOM just isnt recognizing it..

  17. Gazmik Fizzwidget Says:

    Please make sure you’re using FOM 4.0.1… Roasted Beef should be included with that version.

  18. Gazmik Fizzwidget Says:

    Which type of eggs?

  19. Daeymien Says:

    Small Eggs in particular. I’ll test with other types as well.

  20. Mordreade Says:

    Hey Gaz, you said to make sure to use 4.0.1, but you haven’t posted it yet, or have I gone completely blind? O.O

  21. Gazmik Fizzwidget Says:

    Uh, oops. The file’s been up since Monday, but I never made the blog post for it. It’s up now. Sorry, things have been a little crazy around here lately, what with world-destroying dragons and all…

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