Feed-O-Matic 3.3

  • Updated TOC to indicate compatibility with WoW Patch 3.3.
  • Reimplemented pet happiness icon “pulse” using new Animation features from recent WoW patches for lower CPU usage.
  • Includes an update to the PeriodicTable library and its food lists.

6 Responses to “Feed-O-Matic 3.3”

  1. Rick Says:

    Is there any chance we could get a LDB icon? FoM does not seem to work with Unit Frame mods.


  2. Ravenbird Says:

    I use SpartanUI. The Addon does not work with it. The colors of the pet-feed-icon changes, but there is no sound if pet is unhappy. Klick on icon does not work. Please fix this, my pet likes this addon so much… Thanks

  3. Gazmik Fizzwidget Says:

    I’m not sure how another UI could interfere with FOM’s sounds — check FOM’s options (type /fom or look in the Interface Options window) to make sure sounds are enabled, and try switching to a different pet or enabling the generic bell sound to make sure it’s something you can hear.

    I can’t make FOM automatically hook into any and every replacement UI that hides the default pet happiness icon (or replaces it with a custom one), and have little interest in playing cat-and-mouse to maintain compatibility with such replacements when they’d just break compatibility in every other release. It is possible in many custom UIs to set up custom macro actions for any button, however: if a custom UI allows such, setting the button’s action to /click FOM_FeedButton will enable you to invoke FOM’s feeding action when you click the button.

  4. N10do Says:

    Couldn’t you make or allow someone to make a LDB plugin so that people with vastly different UIs could still see what FOM will feed?

  5. Rick Says:

    Is there a way to remove a food from the “pets” diet? I have found that the Scopion will not eat “frog leg stew”.

  6. Cereal Killer Says:

    Clam Chowder is NOT on your list of foods (It’s a “fish” food) and you removed the ability to manually add the foods to the list (apparently), so I can’t have my cat eating it because the addon doesn’t know it’s a food.

    Yes, I have the latest version. Yes, I did a clean install. No, it is still not there.

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