Feed-O-Matic 2.4

  • Updated for compatibility with WoW Patch 2.4.
  • Configuration controls are moved into a pane in the new Interface Options panel provided by the default UI. Key binding moved back into the default UI’s Key Bindings panel.
  • The option to avoid foods used in Cooking recipes you don’t know yet is now independent of that for which level of known recipes to avoid foods from.

31 Responses to “Feed-O-Matic 2.4”

  1. Suleimyn Says:

    At the time this came up I had in my bags one full stack of barbed gill trout, one stack of only four trout, and one stack of only four warped flesh (both items are level 60). I had the FOM set to avoid foods used for all recipes. The warped flesh is used in a cooking recipe that is green to me. I had no trouble feeding my pet while I only had barbed gill trout in my bags. As soon as I also had the warped flesh in my bags FOM told me it couldn’t find any food in my bags that it hasn’t been told to avoid. This may be the same problem I encountered with the previous version of the FOM, where any time I had some other food in my bags it ignored the trout in favor of that food (even if that food was used in a cooking recipe that was still green to me).

  2. Gazmik Fizzwidget Says:

    I’m looking into this and some other reported issues and should have a bugfix release out soon. Thanks!

  3. Wykdd from Moonrunner Says:

    When I change options, then hit ok, they go right back to what they were. I can’t get the options to stick, no matter what I do.

  4. Littlebottom Says:

    There is the option “Avoid foods with a well fed bonus”. But it does not avoid foods with other buffs (like Poached sunscale salmon with a health-per-time buff).

    So instead of removing manually all the stats food I have, would it be possible to “extend” the “avoid well fed” option to all buffing food?

    Otherwise: love your addons 😀

  5. Turoc Says:

    I am having an issue with the options resetting. For instance, I want to allow the mod to feed my pets food that have a “well fed” bonus, but when I uncheck the box, then hit “ok,” next time I open the options dialogue it is checked again. Are there any known conflicts with other mods I might be using?

  6. Turoc Says:

    Sorry for posting twice, but I wanted to add that I did a little investigation.. and in so doing, I disabled all mods except feedomatic, and the problem is still ocurring.

  7. Darchangel Says:

    I think you are truly one of the Gods of WoW mods – keep up the damn fine work 🙂

  8. Yanweh Says:

    The problem I’m having is that it won’t let me change any of the options in the FOM. I can uncheck things all day, hit okay, then find the settings haven’t reverted. Please fix this.

  9. Cries Says:

    /feed /feedomatic and /fom do not work for me. I have no way of opening the options menu up. 🙁 and i love this mod!! /cries

  10. Mordreade Says:

    What happened to the pet family sounds when the pet was hungry? Can we get those back please?

  11. Gazmik Fizzwidget Says:

    I’ve fixed the resetting options bug and am working on fixes for some other issues before posting a new release. Thanks for the reports!


    Check to make sure Feed-O-Matic is installed properly (WoWInterface has a good FAQ on such). If somehow the addon is installed but the slash commands aren’t working, you can also find the FOM options panel under the AddOns tab of the (Blizzard built-in) Interface Options panel.


    The pet-specific hungry sounds are still there — check the Options panel to make sure they’re turned on (and that the “Generic sound” option is unchecked).

  12. Miranda Says:

    Not sure if any of these are the fixes for other issues that you’re working on, but here they are just in case. 🙂

    1. Pets that eat bread are still not eating Conjured Manna Biscuit (item 34062) over other foods. There’s an exclusion for Underspore Pods, but not mage food.

    2. It seems like sometimes it’s not registering new food until after a UI reload. My pet ate up all his Blackened Trout, so I went to the vendor and bought a stack of Mag’har Grainbread for him. FOM wouldn’t feed the new bread to him, instead it kept warning me that I’d configured it so that the pet wouldn’t eat Grilled Mudfish (+agi food), and to hold down alt to feed him that anyway. After a UI reload, it fed him the vendor bread ok.

    3. My FOM seems to be ignoring buff food just fine for the most part (see #2 where it wouldn’t feed the Grilled Mudfish). However, earlier today I got some Grilled Mudfish out of the mailbox which left me at a full 20 stack and 3 extras. The next time I fed my pet, it skipped over the Mag’har Grainbread and fed him one of the Grilled Mudfish without a warning at all. It seems as though maybe it got caught by the “use short stacks” option before the “skip buff food” option.

  13. Mordreade Says:

    /FACEPALM……… thank you.

  14. Tenzok Says:

    Feed-O-Matic seems to be getting confused when I’ve got Conjured Manna Biscuits in my inventory.

    It reports that it can’t find any food that I’ve not told it to avoid, even though I’ve still got other food (Mag’har Grainbread) that my boar will eat in my bag too. (I’m also not aware of having told it to avoid the Manna Biscuits – I’d be quite happy for my pet to eat them.)

  15. JT Says:

    Can you add support for the new “Naruu Ration” and the Conjoured Mana Bisket so i don’t need to hold alt and click each time I needto feed my pet in a raid or a BG. Thanks!

  16. chili Says:

    version 2.4 is still not working correctly for me i cannot save any of the settings…untick a box, exit , look back in there and all boxes are ticked.

  17. Theoderich Says:

    Please fix the bugs, i love this addon, but it does not work properly.

  18. Jim Says:

    I’m having a problem during raids. Feed-o-matic can’t find my pet food even though it’s there. When I’m carrying Conjured Mana Bisciets, it wants to always feed my pet that and the feed button is greyed out like i don’t have any regular pet food (not true). This could be a version problem that is fixed already but I just loaded the 2.4 release. Then did a /reload ui and got the following message (note i was still in my raiding party when i did this):

    Date: 2008-04-05 21:06:25 ID: 46 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ..\AddOns\GFW_FeedOMatic\FeedOMatic.lua line 53: attempt to call global ‘FOM_ShowOptions’ (a nil value) Debug: GFW_FeedOMatic\FeedOMatic.lua:53: GFW_FeedOMatic\FeedOMatic.lua:50

  19. Jim Says:

    Ok, updated to latest release. With ‘Conjured Manna Biscuit’s in my bag, FOM goes red/grey saying i have no pet food. I added it to my fish food list just for fun and i check to ensure it was in the bread list, which it was. Doesn’t seem to be any reason it should also not look at my fish list when my pet eats both bread/cheese and fish. I have a Wind Serpent pet. Hope this all helps. Also after updating my addons (had a couple other fizz’s addons) the error messages I sent in previous message have gone away. This problem probably isn’t just a raiding problem as previously thought.

  20. Jim Says:

    BTW, love this addon.

  21. Yanweh Says:

    I’ve also had problems with Feed-o-matic in the past so far as not recognizing certain foods I want it to eat, particularly cooked raptor ribs and serpent’s flesh.

  22. chili Says:

    reverted to king of the jungle until feed o matic is fixed

  23. Jim Says:

    Here’s a new problem with the latest release. You can’t save any options. Thanks for the hard work.

  24. Drax Says:

    Is there a way to prioritize, or mark food as not save individually? I have Sunspring carp (lv65) i buy, and underspore pods (lv100) i make for my own use. But no matter what i do it keeps feeding my pet the pods. I try not to feed pods unless I’m outta the crap food.

  25. Jim Says:

    Something that I’ve always wanted with this tool was a set of check boxes that can be used to avoid feeding foods with agility bonuses. For some reason, feedo always goes for the +agi foods my character uses and avoids the +stam foods my character doesn’t use. If all I have left is bonus food, this tool becomes useless.

  26. Mrs. Steele Says:

    I’m having a problem where the pet food information in tooltips is appearing twice. I use an english client on a european server (so en-GB?). This problem isn’t limited to FOM though. It happens with MobInfo2 as well while mods like ItemPrice only show information once, as intended. The problem occurs on the default Blizzard tooltip but I’m using TinyTip (tested without for verification it wasn’t my tooltip mod). Any help appreciated!

  27. Mrs. Steele Says:

    I found the duplicate tooltip is attributable to another addOn: StatStain. I’ll report this over on the WoWAce forums.

  28. chili Says:

    any updates on this yet ?

  29. Gazmik Fizzwidget Says:

    Version 2.4.1 is now available, fixing several of the issues reported here.

  30. Windwing Says:

    For some reason 2.4.1 thinks that Conjured Manna Biscuits are “useful”. By adding the code below to the FOM_IsUsefulFood function (much like the Underspore Pods) the Manna Biscuits began working perfectly.

    if (itemID == 34062) then return false; end

  31. Ailianis Says:

    Kool, U haven’t been uploading to CURSE, thought U were finished, glad to see the upgrades !

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