Feed-O-Matic 2.2.1

Added a workaround for a sound bug in WoW Patch 2.2; “hungry” sounds should be working again.

8 Responses to “Feed-O-Matic 2.2.1”

  1. Xylan Trueheart Says:

    Given the latest patch Tuesday which supposedly has sound fixes, is the workaround necessary?

  2. Moldavia Says:

    Roast Raptor is being eaten by pets although its a well fed food. So far as we have seen all the other well fed foods lower than roast raptor no longer feed to pet.

    thanks for your time and maintaining these mods.

  3. Steve Says:

    Having problems binding the feed o matic to P. I’ve used this binding forever it seems & now it doesn’t work. It just brings up a game panel. Any suggestions…

  4. Thelwood Says:

    Cats, and presumably other meat eaters, eat Crocolisk Gumbo.

  5. Dargonia (aka Richard) Says:

    To the editor of posts… I wrote and submitted before I saw I could add a linked input. Please replace my last message with this one – if possible?

    I really enjoy using this addon, and it works well along with the assist pet type Macros I have for Orion, my Bear. I can tell you put a lot of thinking into this and just want you to know it is appreciated. [Dargonia] also, for the editors benefit, Of The [Sacred Divinity] Guild

  6. Xylan Trueheart Says:

    To Steve, perhaps double check your key bindings in your bindings setting. I use the numpad for my key bindings a lot and it can be tricky depending on whether your NumLock is on or off which can result in 2 different bindings for the same key there.

  7. wkrasl Says:

    Is there any way to create a macro that calls Feed-O-Matic directly the same way that pressing the key-binding does?

    I bound the letter “j” (because it was conveniently unused today), but a one-character macro with just the letter “j” only says, “j,” in chat.

  8. Gazmik Fizzwidget Says:


    There seems to be an issue from recent patches causing conflicts between key bindings set by addons and those set in the main Key Bindings menu not being resolved properly. I’ll see if I can fix it for the next release; in the meantime, if you use the Key Bindings menu to unbind P from whatever’s using it (it opens the spellbook by default), you should then be able to bind it to Feed Pet in FOM’s options panel without trouble.


    As you’ve found, you can’t put the key a function is bound to in a macro to access it — for macros, you need a slash command. Unfortunately, addons can’t create their own slash commands and use them to access protected API since WoW 2.0. There’s still a way to get stuff like Feed-O-Matic’s ability into a macro, though… it’s just sort of arcane. What you need in your macro is/click FOM_FeedButton.

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