Feed-O-Matic 2.0.5

  • Fixed several bugs in the food-choosing algorithm which tended to result in Feed-O-Matic choosing items you’ve told it to avoid.
  • Eliminated the “fall back to otherwise-avoided foods if nothing else available” preference. Instead, there’s now an error message if you press the feed button when the only foods available are items you’ve told Feed-O-Matic to avoid. Hold Alt while pressing your Feed Pet keybinding (or Alt-left-click the happiness icon) to feed one of these items anyway.
  • Mousing over the pet happiness icon now shows the next food to be used.
  • We now keep a list of all foods known to be used in Cooking; the “Save foods used in Cooking recipes” option now has an additional setting for foods used in recipes your character hasn’t yet learned.
  • You can now set two different key bindings for each action in Feed-O-Matic’s Options panel.
  • Cut down on CPU usage a bit — if an inventory update affects only your quiver / ammo pouch, we’ll assume that nothing related to pet foods has changed.
  • Reorganized the Options panel and reworded some options for better clarity.
  • Fixed a bug that kept the /fom add and /fom remove commands from working properly.
  • Removed chat commands for configuation settings which are present in the Options panel.
  • Added [Conjured Croissant] to the built-in foods list.

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