Feed-O-Matic 10900.4

  • Fixed additional errors some users were experiencing when feeding or accessing the Cooking window.
  • The locale indpendence changes in 10900.1 broke our ability to parse debuff tooltips so as not to feed the pet while he’s under a DOT effect… should be fixed now.
  • More complete German localization thanks to Zindar from Blackhand (EU).

8 Responses to “Feed-O-Matic 10900.4”

  1. Lorelei Says:

    Tried to add Striped Yellowtail to the fish list, using /fom add fish [Striped Yellowtail]. Got the following error:

    FeedOMatic.lua:962: table index is nil

  2. Chakawka Says:

    for some reason fom is intermintent one day it will feed my pet and the next it won’t I have tried setting happyness lvl and adding food to diet currently I have Broken Tooth as my pet

  3. SDime Says:

    I’m getting the same error when attempting to remove items from the list.

  4. Faolchu Says:

    I also have the “table index nil” bug, regardless af what I try to /add

  5. Devla Says:

    Yea, my bear is eating my Felwood stat food, and trying to remove them results in the following error: GFW_FeedOMatic\FeedOMatic.lua:962: table index is nil

  6. Graffe Says:

    My bear wasn’t feeding so figuring the food was perhaps not in the list (Homemade Cherry Pie), I attempted to add it. I got the following error:

    GFW_FeedOMatic\FeedOMatic.lua:962: table index is nil

    Then while attempting to force it to feed with /fom feed, everything went haywire. I was spamming the group with emotes. Nothing would stop it except for relogging.

  7. Jonathan Roy Says:

    Got this error,

    FeedOMatic.lua:1359: attempt to concatenate global ‘quantity’ (a nil value)

  8. Devla Says:

    I know that Tekkub is adding foods to his mod PeriodicTable: http://www.wowace.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=874

    Its similar to ReagentData, but with alot more. I know some people don’t like dependencies, but using a mod that already lists each type of food may be helpful.


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