Feed-O-Matic 10900.2

Fixed a 1.9 compatibility issue. (Error message about GetBattlefieldStatus()).

22 Responses to “Feed-O-Matic 10900.2”

  1. Tierney Says:

    Thx Team

  2. Caithen Says:

    Nice! Summoned pet, got the error, and you’ve already fixed it 😀

  3. SkullBasher Says:

    autofeed not working anymore ><

    And whenever I want to readd custom food (since pet refuses to eat) the error points me to this line

    “local _, _, itemID = string.find(itemLink, “item:(%d+):%d+:%d+:%d+”);”

  4. Chilupa Says:

    One other thing I notice is that when using the savebonus, questfoods, etc. on or off, while the message stating the food will / will not be avoided, after I use the cammands displays properly; when I type I type FoM status, it still says (for exampe):

    food that gives the player extra bonuses will be avoided

    EVEN if I have set that I do not want it to be with FoM savebonus.

  5. Just Me Says:

    I keep getting the Gtbattlefieldstatus error message

  6. Eothain Says:

    Best turn-around on a fix ever. No wonder I <3 Fizzwidget’s mods.

  7. Grumble Says:


    Looks like another 1.9 bug – opening up cooking in IF – I get a message:

    “Interface\AddOns\GFW_FeedOMatic\FeedOMatic.lua:1560: bad argument #1 to ‘find’ (string expected, got nil)

    Help! Grumble the Fisherman

  8. Uller Says:

    odd error i have been getting w/ 1900.2 It only happens when I open my cooking panel. I have tried deleting out the savedvariables and such w/ no luck. Here is a link to a picture. http://img213.imageshack.us/img213/323/feedomaticerror8nz.jpg

  9. Lorelei Says:

    I use Feed-O-Matic and Autocraft, and I got the following error when opening my cooking window after selecting “saveforcook” (wanted to make sure pet doesn’t eat sagefish):

    ……\FeedOMatic.lua:1560: bad argument # to `find’ (string expected, got nil)

    it popped up twice, but I haven’t seen it since.

  10. Thuulok Says:

    kept having nil variable error after over-install and new install – did a /fom reset and it fixed it

  11. Thuulok Says:

    scratch that last reply – still doing it – heres the error feedomatic.lua:1465:attempt to index global ‘FOM_foods’ (a nil value)

    any suggestions?

  12. SkullBasher Says:

    that’s exactly the line it points me to.

    if you use standard food, and one kind of it in your bags it just works.

    however if I add other food in my bags or special food, it stops working and gives errorboxes whenever it tries to feed.

  13. Devla Says:

    Post the food items you are getting the error with. Some items are not in the list in FeedOMatic_Foods.lua

    like: 21552, — Striped Yellowtail

  14. Lorelei Says:

    I also tried to manually add Undermine Clam Chowder (using /fom add fish [Undermine Clam Chowder]), which FeedOMatic didn’t seem to recognize, and got the same error:

    FeedOMatic.lua:1560: bad argument # to `find’ (string expected, got nil)

    It’s the same error that Uller got when opening his cooking window (and I get the error when opening the window sometimes too). This is the first time I’ve seen the error without actually having the cooking window open.

    sigh back to PetFeeder for now 🙁

  15. Thuulok Says:

    Im not using any strange foods- same meats i always use – buy them from the butchers

  16. SDime Says:

    I get the same message. It happens everytime I open my cooking window or whenever something finishes cooking. Mod list available on request.

    Thanks, in advance, for any help anyone can give. SDime

  17. Talzaya Says:

    When I try to add lobster stew, or any other food not in its database I get that same error too

    \FeedOMatic.lua:1560: bad argument # to `find’ (string expected, got nil)

    I get it everytime I try to add any new foods 🙁

  18. Arlinn Says:

    I was having the line 1560 of FeedOMatic.lua when opening a cook window and in trying to track down the problem I wound up taking all of my food and putting it in the bank, re-adding it to my pack piece by piece and by the time I was done and it was all back in my pack the error was gone. I didn’t identify a problem food but perhaps the list, cache or whatever just needed to reinitialize. This is a complete guess but mine appears to be working fine again.

    This is a great addon for hunters, thank you Gazmik Fizzwidget!

  19. SkullBasher Says:

    Items that mess it up are …

    Magebread Lobster Stew …

    Just any customs

    And you can’t add them as you normally do that gives the same error.

    Seems the routine to add non standard things is broken.


    /feedomatic add fish /feedomatic add meat

    returns error and doesn’t add it.

    Think if that gets fixed the other errors disappear to it all points to the same line.

    Did item links get a slight change in 1.9 so feedomatic doesn’t pick it up correctly anymore?

  20. Graffe Says:

    I’m guessing Gazmik knows about the issue being that I see the post above mine has been edited for foul language.

    Great mod(s) Gazmik. We all appreciate what you do and eagerly await a working release of Feed-o-Matic.

  21. Ahlee Says:

    I’m getting the same error when opening my cooking tab. I have pretty much every recipe. I wiped out my savedvariables, and after getting the error, logged out and the following is all that got saved… Whatever food is after id 13760 is causing a problem? I’m not sure how you are parsing the cookbook…

    FOM_Cooking = { [“Hellscream.Ahlee”] = { [13893] = 3, [13754] = 1, [13758] = 1, [13755] = 1, [13759] = 2, [13760] = 2, }, }

  22. Ahlee Says:

    Forgot to add that I completely emptied my inventory of food before opening the cooking tab per the advice of someone above; I still get the error.

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