FactionFriend 4.0.1

  • Updated with new values for turnins in post-Shattering Kalimdor and Azeroth.
  • Fixes some error messages.
  • No longer includes icons for reputation standing levels (which have been unused since v. 3.3.1).

6 Responses to “FactionFriend 4.0.1”

  1. Sir Punky Says:

    When right clicking on the reputation bar, I get the following error below:

    Message: ..\AddOns\GFW_FactionFriend\FactionFriend.lua line 905: attempt to perform arithmetic on local ‘value’ (a nil value) Debug: GFW_FactionFriend\FactionFriend.lua:905: FFF_SetupMenuButton() GFW_FactionFriend\FactionFriend.lua:1125: FFF_ShowMenu() GFW_FactionFriend\FactionFriend.lua:877: FFF_ReputationWatchBar_OnClick() Dominos_XP\xp.lua:128: OnClick() Dominos_XP\xp.lua:118: Dominos_XP\xp.lua:118

  2. Basket Says:

    Thanks a lot for keepin this addon uptodate

    Been using it for ages 🙂

  3. Puppysnuff Says:

    Is there a way to add guild reputation gains to the status text along with faction gains? Love the addon, used it for years.

  4. Palladia Says:

    I’ve been in Deepholm for a while, earning Therazane rep, but for some reason, my rep bar always shows Timbermaw Hold Rep. I have FF set to switch rep bar in all three situations. So why isn’t it changing?

  5. Palladia Says:

    Turns out it was another addon I have that was causing the problem. I use Factionizer too, and it has a similar setting, which was unchecked.

  6. Gazmik Fizzwidget Says:


    I’ve taken care of this for the next version, but there are a few other things I’ll be fixing/enhancing before I release it. Thanks for the heads-up!

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