Disenchant Predictor 5.0

  • Updated for WoW Patch 5.0 and Mists of Pandaria. (Disenchant tables for Mists of Pandaria items are approximate; please report any incorrect predictions.)
  • Fixed incorrect predictions for Greater vs Lesser Cataclysm essences from ilevel 306-311 greens.
  • We no longer keep track of a list of non-disenchantable items (those which are green or better but which the game forbids disenchanting; e.g. vendor-purchased PvP gear), as keeping the list up to date proved infeasible. Disenchant Predictor may thus show disenchant reagents for items which the game forbids disenchanting (though it will still remember which items are non-disenchantable once it sees them so identified in-game).
  • Updated French localization by Xalenader.

One Response to “Disenchant Predictor 5.0”

  1. Jonni Says:

    Oh thank GOD I found you! I have used your addons literally for years, but since MoP I have noticed that my disenchant predictor has no clue what it’s doing! I searched all over Curse and could find NOTHING that would do what I wanted, and could find NONE of your addons! In desperation I Google you and …. yeah here you are with a MoP update and everything! Don’t do that to me again; you have any idea how many people out there are making addons that do what you do? NONE.

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