AdSpace 2.3

  • Updated TOC to indicate compatibility with WoW Patch 2.3.
  • Added new vendor recipes from WoW Patch 2.3.

14 Responses to “AdSpace 2.3”

  1. Doc Lithius Says:

    I just want to take this moment to thank you for providing immediate updates to your AddOns. Pre-emptive ones, even! I love your series of AddOns and hope to seem them flurish on through the months and possibly years to come. Thank you for being so dediated, Gazmik!

  2. Maran Says:

    [Recipe: Smoked Sagefish] and [Recipe: Sagefish Delight] are now also sold on two of the ferries: by Galley Chief Alunwea (Alliance) in Feralas, and Galley Chief Halumvorea (Alliance) in The Veiled Sea.

  3. Pry Says:

    Thanks for the update! It’s very much appreciated 🙂

  4. Tareon Fitzowen Says:

    Hi, Gazmik! I love your gadgets, can’t live without it. Will you update your gadgets on in the future? I use WUU to update my AddOns and it seems to be a bit too complicated to manually add your site to the tool instead of using the WoWi-SiteID’s.

  5. phillips Says:

    Also missing: [Schematic: Steam Tonk Controller] sold for 64s by Gearcutter Cogspinner (Alliance) in Ironforge. (Probably also sold in a few other places.)

  6. Chris Says:

    Hey man, im a lvl 70 hunter on the misha server and i’ve been using your addons since lvl 1, and i love them!!

    i was thinking today, that since there is a track-menu for the tracking skills of the hunter, maybe you can make one similar for the different aspects?

  7. PingHansen Says:

    I will second that, Chris. I was thinking the same thing while rearanging the aspect buttons yesterday.

  8. Bleeter Says:

    Wulmort Jinglepocket (Smokywood Pastures, IF, seasonal vendor) is selling [Pattern: Red Winter Clothes] and [Pattern: Winter Boots]

  9. Andorn Says:

    Innkeeper Fizzgrimble in Tanaris sells [Recipe: Tender Wolf Steak] 1g 8s.

    This does save on spending money on AH for recipes, also knowing where to farm them for all the lazy ones with money.

  10. Corwyn Says:

    [Schematic: Steam Tonk Controller] is also available from Sovik in Ogrimmar.

  11. MightyMike Says:

    Great program, far as I can see. Couple of things to make it better:

    1. Skip all that stuff in the description about people getting ripped off by selling recipes. Characters can earn some of their living by selling rare or hard-to-get recipes at higher prices. This does a service for both buyer and seller. If I have to go to Hellfire Peninsula and wait an hour between spawns, why shouldnt I charge 3 times the normal price? If the buyer doesnt want to pay it .. np. Then HE can go to Hellfire and get it and not buy mine.

    2. Add some documentation. For example, on the Option menu: Automap Contributive Vendors … what is that supposed to mean? Availability to alts? Please document and clear this up.


  12. Gazmik Fizzwidget Says:

    “Automap Contributive Vendors” is a feature of RecipeRadar, a different addon by a different author.

  13. Isaax Says:

    Hi, thank you for your great addon.

    Here is some vendors data that can provide you to correct, thank you.: 1.”Blimo Gadgetspring” is Neutral. 2.”[5640] = { “Xandar Goodbeard”, “Harklan Moongrove” }, — Recipe: Rage Potion” shoud be “[5640] = { “Xandar Goodbeard”, “Defias Profiteer” }, — Recipe: Rage Potion”. 3.”[5640] = { “Ranik”, “Defias Profiteer” }, — Recipe: Rage Potion” shoud be “[5640] = { “Ranik” }, — Recipe: Rage Potion”. 4.”Vendor-Tron 1000″ and “Super-Seller 680” now only sell Cooking Recipes.

  14. PJ Says:

    Here is a suggestion, since about 9 of the 10 million playing wow are on a PC – how about including a readme file in the proper pc format.

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