AdSpace 2.0.5

  • Added a few new vendor recipes from recent WoW minor patches.
  • Fixed our tables for a few vendors which were resulting in “can’t find location” errors.
  • Fixed listings for a couple of neutral vendors which were listed as faction-specific.
  • Fixed a couple of recipes which were listed at the wrong vendor price.
  • Fixed some issues with hooking tooltips when other tooltip-modifying addons are present.
  • Fixed a bug with checkboxes in the Options panel doing the opposite of what they say.
  • Configuration chat commands have been removed in favor of the GUI options panel (type /ads to show).
  • Fizzwidget FactionFriend v.2.0.4 (or newer) shows similar information in tooltips for some of the items in AdSpace; if it’s present and enabled, it’ll override AdSpace instead of letting the same information be present in the tooltip twice.

3 Responses to “AdSpace 2.0.5”

  1. Killer Possum Says:

    I know this update has been out for a while, but I just wanted to pop in and say thank you for this most excellent AddOn. This, Levelator, Disenchant Predictor, and Feed-O-Matic are among the best out there for WoW IMO. Thanks!

  2. Kronk Says:

    This addon is terrific – why are you so stealthy about it? Every time I need to make sure I’ve got the most updated version, it’s hard to find. Not listed in your Products list on the main page. 🙁 Thank you for the great addon!

  3. Litvan Says:

    was just wondering… I know it’s minor.. but.. there’s a few blacksmithing plans you haven’t added.. bought from the vendor behind huntsman in karazhan… just wondering if you had planned on an update.. or if you’re waiting until 2.1 patch

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