AdSpace 1800.3

  • Undid the change from 1800.1 regarding Horde/Alliance localized faction names. (Turns out the return from UnitFactionGroup() isn’t localized in non-English versions of WoW… sure would be nice if they’d let US users see the localized data so we could test these things…) Thus, AdSpace should correctly look up vendors of your own faction again.
  • Added new recipes introduced in recent WoW patches.
  • Removed notes about required faction/reputation from certain recipes, as it’s now part of WoW’s base tooltip for those items.
  • Changed the way we handle localized versions of NPC and location names — you’re now guaranteed to see the same data regardless of which WoW language you’re using. (Previously, new data that hadn’t been localized yet wouldn’t show at all; now it shows in English.) This also minimizes duplicated data in our files. Localizers are welcome to continue submitting translations of entire AdSpace_Vendors.lua files of they so desire (it’s not a bad idea, as that ensures everything is covered); I have a script to convert them to the new format.

2 Responses to “AdSpace 1800.3”

  1. Chocky Says:

    Stack overflow error not happening with this version.


  2. Repabil Says:

    Thanks for a wonderful addon. What about adding tooltips on Zul’Gurub quest items?

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