AdSpace 10900.3

Added a few more new recipes from the 1.9 patch and their vendor info.

3 Responses to “AdSpace 10900.3”

  1. Devla Says:

    Was there some check to not feed if pet had a damage DOT (poison, disease, etc)? With 10900.3, I just noticed I went through a whole stack of food in a few minutes, because I was killing Venomtip Scorpids in Burning Steppes.

    I may be crazy but in prior versions, I swear there was a poison check.

  2. Devla Says:

    err disregard that last comment, was meant for Feed-o-matic

  3. Thodd Says:

    Anyone know how to get AdSpace’s Tooltip additions to work on the item tooltips show in the BankItem’s mod?

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