Disenchant Predictor Discontinued

Warlords of Draenor changed the disenchanting rules (again). But more importantly, I’ve stopped getting much use out of this gizmo myself. At some point, it just got to saying, “Disenchant gear from expansion X to get enchanting reagents from expansion X,” and one doesn’t really need an addon to know that.

Also, I’m a much busier goblin than I used to be… and I don’t have an army of code monkeys at my disposal. (Besides, according to my cousin Rob from Booty Bay, although they’re very diligent, their output stinks.) So I focus my efforts on products that my most frequent testers (that is, myself and the employees of Fizzwidget Industries) actually use frequently.

For an alternative, see Enchantrix from the Auctioneer suite.

3 Responses to “Disenchant Predictor Discontinued”

  1. Mourninglory Says:

    I mainly use this one for the “old” (‘new’) Azeroth mats. I can never remember what levels DE into what, heh. I understand the moving on, though i will miss this one.

    Thank you so much for all the effort and brilliance you put into everything you do! <3

  2. Bob Says:

    This was a helpful addon, it will be missed! Thank you for your hard work

  3. Fhina Says:

    Sorry to see this is gone. Great addon.

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