ShoppingList 1800.2

  • Compatible with Auctioneer 3.1. (If you’re using Auctioneer as the data source for ShoppingList, this version is now required.)
  • Can now use KC_Items (requires version 0.93) as a data source for reports. Reports from KC_Items data can’t point out a specific auction, but they will note the lowest price (per each) for items on your list that are currently available at auction.
  • Outputs a message if you use the /sl report command and there’s nothing from your list in the latest AH scan (instead of failing silently).

One Response to “ShoppingList 1800.2”

  1. SirPsycho Says:

    even though I set auctioneer 3.1 to load on demand when visiting the AH it will be loaded the moment wow starts up by shopping list.. is there any way to stop it from doing that?

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