Hunter’s Helper 2.1.1

  • Fixed issues related to the new pet skills introduced in WoW Patch 2.1. (Including an error message upon opening the Beast Training window after learning Cobra Reflexes.)
  • Added Traditional Chinese localization.
  • Added support for the Ace AddonLoader — when that addon is present, Hunter’s Helper will only load automatically for Hunter characters by default. (If you like seeing beasts’ abilities in their tooltips when playing your other characters, you can change AddonLoader’s setting to make Hunter’s Helper load for non-hunters.)

6 Responses to “Hunter’s Helper 2.1.1”

  1. Gudhagh Says:

    Updated a couple of your addons (from 2.1er versions) and the only one that loads successfully is TrackMenu. AddonLoader is installed. No LUA-Error or so on. Class is hunter of course. WoW-Client is german. Disabled all addons (with exeption of Hunter’s Helper) does not help at all.

  2. Demonicka Says:

    Doesn’t work, enabled but none of the data shown in the screenshot appears. Have enabled manually, reinstalled, no dice.

  3. Longarms Says:

    Another underspore pod issue. I need it to use actually conjured bread before it uses the pods, as hunters can’t conjure bread on their own. Best to use it before you log out! I use the pods for pet food when I don’t have conjured bread.

  4. Tallspirit Says:

    The addon is severely bugged. If your food is 30 levels lower than you, HH will try to feed it to your pet, thinking your pet will eat it, but WoW now requires you to be 29 or fewer levels higher than the food level. You therefore get a “Food level too low” error, sometimes even when there is edible food available. This has been happening for about a year.

  5. Howard Hibbs Says:

    Why am I getting a discontinued description on my wowmatrix client?

  6. Gazmik Fizzwidget Says:

    Because Hunter’s Helper is discontinued; the new pet system in WoW 3.0 makes it obsolete.

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