Hunter’s Helper 1800.1

  • Updated for WoW patch 1.8 and its new beast ability, Lightning Breath. (I’ve tamed every wind serpent in the game on the test server, save for two that are quest spawns and the three in the Sunken Temple. Almost all have the new ability, but you can now use Hunter’s Helper to find out which ones you need to tame to get which ranks.)
  • All the information we track is now fully dynamic — if you tame a beast which turns out to have abilities we didn’t already know about, we save this information and reuse it both in the tooltip and for /hh find. (Previously we’d save much of this information, but not reuse it as thoroughly.)
  • Because of this (and the new SavedVariables mechanism introduced in 1.7), it’s now much easier for me to add newly discovered info to the built-in database. If Hunter’s Helper points out that you’ve found something new (or incorrect) and asks you to mail, it’d help to attach your World of Warcraft/WTF/Account//SavedVariables/GFW_HuntersHelper.lua file.
  • These kind of notifications should only come up once upon taming a beast. (Previously, they’d appear twice in some cases.)
  • Fixed some errors in our built-in database: there’s no “Undead Wolf” in Feralas, “Young Stranglethorn Panther” is acutally “Young Panther”, “Ferocious Grizzled Bear” in Silverpine Forest has Claw 2, and the known level ranges for many beasts have been changed to more conservative estimates.
  • Our zone connections database now includes Zul’Gurub and Ahn’Qiraj; /hh find should now work properly from those locations.
  • General improvements to utility code shared with other Fizzwidget addons (GFWUtils and GFWTable).

2 Responses to “Hunter’s Helper 1800.1”

  1. Wykdwolffie Says:

    I love the idea, and the tooltip works great, but I cannot use FIND, and it also errors when I tame a new pet… maybe because im on moonrunner (moon-something, zone.. )

    Also, the lua file hasnt copied over to my saved variables directory yet.

    Something didn’t go right. 🙂

  2. Gazmik Fizzwidget Says:

    Oops… that’s what I get for making last-minute tweaks during Patch day maintenance! 1800.2 is up now and fixes the problem.

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