Hunter’s Helper 1700.2

  • Added several new entries to our tables, covering both new 1.7 abilites and older ones too. (Many thanks to the contributors at the Good Intentions hunter info site!) Also removed some incorrect entries and verified all cross-references.
  • Improved detection of new spells being learned (tooltip abilities should now change from green to gray at the correct time without needing to open the Beast Training window).
  • Additional flexibility in /hh find syntax: using findall instead of find will show all known beasts instead of stopping after four zones; omitting a rank will still provide useful information for some spells.
  • Fixed some table errors regarding new pet abilities from WoW patch 1.7.
  • Fixed a syntax error that popped up when taming a beast that had abilities but wasn’t listed in our tables.

4 Responses to “Hunter’s Helper 1700.2”

  1. Elven Witch Says:

    In the HuntersHelperSpellInfo.lua file in the funtion FHHLearnableBy you have Dash listed twice with 2 different data sets.

    The second line for [“dash”] should be removed to correct this error.

    thank you for this database,

    Elven Witch

  2. Elmanthira Says:

    Drywallow Daggermaw are listed as being level 35-41 elites. Other sources list the level range as being 40 – 41 elites. I looked for about an hour and couldn’t find any that were lower than level 40. (Looking at GoodIntentions, the level range is also 40-41.)

  3. Banzai Says:

    I’m gettign this error. I get it whenever I open the pet training book, or when the Pet teaches me a new skill.

    Interface\AddOns\GFW_AdSpace\GFWTable.lua:118:bad argument #1 to `getn’ (table expected, got nil)

  4. Banzai Says:

    I exited the game, and reloaded and it works fine now. It did this cuz I had the addon loaded before I had gained a pet, I think.

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