FactionFriend 7.2

  • Several changes for Legion factions that allow earning reputation past Exalted (and towards lucrative rewards!) in WoW patch 7.2:
    • Chat messages for reputation gains no longer cause error messages (GitHub issue #22).
    • Fixes and UI improvements for the reputation watch bar and its tooltip on such factions.
    • The “Automatically mark Exalted factions as Inactive” setting no longer inactivates such factions. (If they’re already inactive and you want to track them again, you’ll need to reactivate them yourself.)
  • Now tracks several more tokens/turnins:
    • New Insignia for Legion factions introduced in WoW patch 7.2, including the Armies of Legionfall.
    • Commendations for Mists of Pandaria factions introduced to Timewalking vendors in WoW patch 7.1.5, and corresponding Timewarped Badge -> Commendation -> reputation conversions.
    • Various other Mists of Pandaria faction tokens that we didn’t have before.
    • Pungent Truffle for Sporeggar reputation. Just in time for the Glowcap Festival!

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