FactionFriend 7.0.1

  • Added option to disable auto-switching reputation watch bar when gaining reputation with bodyguards. This option is on by default. (Thanks Dragonwolf!)
  • Now tracks faction Commendations purchaseable with Timewarped Badges (thanks Dragonwolf). Also tracks available badge -> commendation -> reputation conversions.
  • Now tracks Medallion of the Legion if you’re lucky enough to find one (or rich enough to buy a few at the AH).
  • Now shows a blue “!” in FactionFriend’s menu (right click the reputation watch bar) for factions where you have available reputation gains.
  • Fixed issue where the blue “!” we show in the default Reputation window (indicating a faction with available reputation gains) wouldn’t appear when it was supposed to.
  • Fixed failure to load when AddonLoader is present. (Github issue #10)
  • Fixed issue where choosing a recent faction from FactionFriend’s reputation watch bar menu wouldn’t work if that faction was marked Inactive.

FactionFriend is now also hosted on Github. Visit there to post bug reports, contribute enhancements, or just live on the bleeding edge.

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