FactionFriend 4.2.1

  • Fixed an error when using zone-based switching of the reputation watch bar.
  • Fixed strange behaviors related to the quest log.
  • The text on the reputation watch bar (when moused over, or shown by the default UI in various other circumstances) now displays your current standing (Hated, Neutral, Friendly, etc) with the watched faction.

2 Responses to “FactionFriend 4.2.1”

  1. Brad Morgan Says:

    Love the addition of the text on the reputation bar but one small nit… The numbers aren’t what you normally see in the Blizzard Reputation Pane. i.e. you have Revered 27519 / 42000 vs. Blizzard’s 6519 / 21000.

    Hopefully, its not that hard to fix.

  2. Brad Morgan Says:

    To change the display numbers to what Blizzard normally uses is a one line change:

    --- FactionFriend.lua   Mon Jan 19 15:26:36 1970
    +++ FactionFriend.lua   Mon Jan 19 15:26:36 1970
    @@ -797,11 +797,11 @@
        local name, standing, min, max, value = GetWatchedFactionInfo();
        if (not name) then return; end
        local standingText = FFF_LabelForStanding(standing);
    -   ReputationWatchStatusBarText:SetText(name..": "..standingText.." "..value.." / "..max);
    +   ReputationWatchStatusBarText:SetText(name..": "..standingText.." "..value-min.." / "..max-min);
        if (name ~= FFF_RecentFactions[1]) then

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