FactionFriend 3.3.1

  • Added an option to automatically move factions to Inactive status when the player becomes Exalted with them. This feature is disabled by default; when enabling it in FactionFriend’s options panel, any already-Exalted factions will also be moved. (Inactive status has no effect on game mechanics, but hides the faction in the default Reputation UI and FactionFriend’s menu so you can focus on other factions.)
  • Redesigned the menu which appears upon right-clicking the reputation watch bar:
    • Current standing with a faction is displayed as right-justified text in the menu item.
    • The highlight graphic seen when mousing over a faction in the menu shows the player’s current progress with the faction.
  • The option to automatically switch the reputation watch bar when entering zones with associated factions is now off by default, as this confused some users. (It can still be enabled if so desired.)
  • Updated reputation values for Sons of Hodir turnins to match changes in WoW Patch 3.3.
  • Tweaked color values for reputation levels to be more distinct.
  • Fixed an issue where reputation gain messages in chat windows could fail to appear.
  • Fixed an issue where faction standing labels (“Revered”, “Exalted”, etc.) wouldn’t always match the player’s gender (in relevant localizations).

4 Responses to “FactionFriend 3.3.1”

  1. Gazmik Fizzwidget Says:

    This release also makes an attempt to fix “taint” issues (i.e. “An interface action failed because of an AddOn” messages and subsequent UI breakage). However, I’ve had a hard time tracking down all such issues to fix. If you can reliably reproduce such cases (involving actual UI problems, not just taint logs), please post instructions.

  2. Randy Says:

    Faction friend has been giving me an error only on my main character. It states that the settexcoord is out of range. I found that button.percent is returning a null value(either null or very high, or the improper variable type). In order to fix this temporarily, I have added the following code on line 913 of FactionFriend.lua

    button.percent = 1;

    I’m not honestly sure why there is a calculation being made for this, as it seems to simply be the width of the texture for the highlight of the faction friend buttons. I don’t understand where the variables the calculation is looking for, so I couldn’t figure out the root of the problem quickly.

  3. Taryth Says:

    I’m having menu problems with last version. I have my reputation bar at the top of the screen and the rightclick menu is sticking up above the screen so I can’t click the topmost items.

  4. Geneticus Says:

    Getting error in 4.03. [ regarding FFF_ReputationExtraFillBar:SetFrameLevel() … content snipped -G ]

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