DiggerAid 4.3

Initial release. See this page for more details.

7 Responses to “DiggerAid 4.3”

  1. Thortok2000 Says:

    I use Archy, but this looks like a superior replacement, at least when it comes to the solve mechanism, that way I can hide the Archy UI for more screen space. ^_^

    Plus, Archy is currently bugged to always use keystones even if you don’t want it to, so DA’s one-up on it already. =D

  2. Thortok2000 Says:

    Hmm, in testing, it seems to still want to use keystones. The chat notification includes the keystone even if I don’t want it to, and the solve button appears even before it can be solved without a keystone.

    The good news is if you wait until you actually have enough fragments without the keystone, then the chat message doesn’t include it and the solve button doesn’t use it. But it’d be nice to have the in-progress chat messages do the same.

    I want it to completely ignore keystones at all times, as if they do not exist, because I’d rather sell those on the AH for profit. ^_^

  3. Gazmik Fizzwidget Says:

    Glad you like it!

    My thinking is that there are three “modes” to using keystones:

    1. Always use them if you have them,
    2. Use them only if you need them to finish an artifact, and
    3. Never use them.

    Other mods I’ve used that have obtrusive “hey, you can solve now” popups don’t allow for case 2… I’ve tried to account for it in DA without needing extra configuration by making the Solve link relatively unobtrusive. That way, if you have keystones but not enough fragments to solve without keystones, you can ignore the Solve link until you get more fragments.

    I think I need to make the progress messages handle that case better, though. (And after doing some digging today, it looks like I might need to double-check on whether things are getting counted right.)

  4. Thortok2000 Says:

    I definitely see what you’re saying there about mode 2.

    But is that really a common enough mode to program for? At least as the default? It seems to me to be an ‘alternative’ version of mode 1 instead of a ‘mandatory’ version of mode 3, if that makes sense.

    Honestly, all I ever really see of players is either mode 1 or 3.

    My thinking is this. For those that want to use keystones, the benefit of the 12 extra fragments per keystone still applies even if you have all the base fragments necessary for the artifact – you’re that much farther along to your next artifact already, more than you would be if you’d saved your keystones and were waiting to use them on the next artifact; plus the keystones are no longer taking up space in your inventory.

    So the keystones still provide the benefit that is the point of using keystones even if ‘mode 2’ could possibly apply. That said, one of my philosophies is “options please everyone” so a way of having mode 2 as a sub-option of mode 1 (somehow) would allow the mod the function the way it currently does now – fragments suggested/mentioned/automatically used when needed to finish an artifact, and ignored when not needed to solve.

    My thinking is also that for someone that never wants to use them, the constant reminder that “it’s solvable now if you would just use your keystone, here’s the solve button, wanna click it?” defeats the purpose of my expressly stating that no, I don’t want to use keystones, ever. That could just be a personal preference, but I can’t imagine anyone that is expressly stating that they do NOT want to autofill keystones agreeing with the idea that “okay I do want them to fill sometimes, like when it’s necessary to complete the artifact I’m making.”

    Does all that make sense? I know I can be a bit wordy sometimes. =P

    Oh, and other thing. The way you have the config is awesome to be honest, inside the default UI, that’s perfect and pretty and awesome. However, even though I skimmed the description before downloading, I had to come back and read the description again before I realized that’s where you put the config options.

    An alternative config in the UI options panel and/or a /diggeraid or /da slash command that simply repeats the description on the webpage could do the trick. If you type /da and it says “to configure the keystone setting for each race, view that race in your archaeology window” (or if you really wanna be fancy, a link to click on to do so) it would make it just slightly more user friendly.

  5. Gazmik Fizzwidget Says:

    Mode 2, perhaps better rephrased as “let me decide what to do about keystones without requiring a trip to the archeology window”, is sort of why I built this mod instead of using one of the others already out there. So it’s “common enough” in that it’s the one I made for myself. 😀

    I do think it needs some refinement, though. With the holiday break over with, my time for tinkering is again in short supply, so it won’t be all that soon.

    As for config UI… I’m a bit disillusioned with it taking a lot of code (either of my own, or by bundling the Ace libraries) to put stuff in the Interface Options window. So, for this recent batch of (mostly) small mods, I’ve been trying to stick config UI someplace connected to a mod’s functionality. This has its own problems — particularly discoverability, as you’ve noticed. For DA, I’ll probably move to the same Ace-based setup as some of my other mods fairly soon, though maybe not right away.

  6. Msa Says:

    Neat little tool and certainly made my digging a little easier to run through, , like all of your gadgets so thanks!

    I noticed you have a new one up ‘Experience Visualizer’, which since I’m toying with bring my Mage out to get her from 80 up to 85 I thought would be handy. But the download link is not working, that said it appears that the file is there if you hit it directly… No comments on that page, so snuck them in here..


  7. Gazmik Fizzwidget Says:

    XP Visualizer page is fixed. Thanks!

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