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Enchanters: have you ever tried to accumulate reagents for your latest formula and come away feeling… well, disenchanted? Got Strange Dust when you really wanted Soul? Is that Brilliant Shard just not large enough to satisfy? Suffer no more! Through countless hours of research, I’ve discovered the scientific laws governing the mystic composition of enchanted items. I just had to build a gadget to make use of this knowledge.

My latest invention will help you make sure you always disenchant the right stuff to get the shards, dusts, or essences you need. Simply point it at any such reagent — or even the reagent requirements listed in your formula book — and you’ll see an instant readout showing what types of items it can be disenchanted from. No more guesswork!*

* Due to fluctuations in the astral plane, disenchanting an item of merely “uncommon” quality will still produce variable results. No one can predict for certain whether you’ll get a pile of dust, an essence, or a shard, but thanks to my invention you’ll at least know what variety of dust, kind and potency of essence, or luster and size of shard can be produced.


  • By default, reagents produced by disenchanting items (a dust, essence, or shard) will show two new lines of information in their tooltips: the first shows which levels of items can be disenchanted to produce the reagent, and the second provides additional info on which types of items are more or less likely to produce the reagent.
  • Also, you can use a chat command to check which types of dust, essence, and shard can be disenchanted from an item of a given level requirement (see below).

Chat Commands

/enchant (or /ench or /disenchant or /dis or /de) < command > where < command > can be any of the following:

  • help – Print this list.
  • status – Check current settings.
  • tooltip on|off – enable/disable display of disenchant info in enchanting reagent tooltips.
  • verbose on|off – enable/disable a second line in the tooltip showing detailed disenchant info.
  • < number > – Show disenchant info for level number in the chat window.

Caveats, Known Bugs, Etc.

  • Generally the level to provide for /enchant < number > is obvious; it’s the “Requires Level #” in the item’s tooltip. However, quest rewards are still disenchantable and don’t provide a level requirement… what to do? It seems WoW’s formula for determining disenchant results uses the level at which the quest first becomes available. For example, [Masons Fraternity Ring] disenchants into a [Large Radiant Shard] (which usually comes from level 41-45 items), even though “Divino-matic Rod” is listed as a level 47 quest.

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Disenchant Predictor Discontinued

October 13th, 2014

Warlords of Draenor changed the disenchanting rules (again). But more importantly, I’ve stopped getting much use out of this gizmo myself. At some point, it just got to saying, “Disenchant gear from expansion X to get enchanting reagents from expansion X,” and one doesn’t really need an addon to know that.

Also, I’m a much busier goblin than I used to be… and I don’t have an army of code monkeys at my disposal. (Besides, according to my cousin Rob from Booty Bay, although they’re very diligent, their output stinks.) So I focus my efforts on products that my most frequent testers (that is, myself and the employees of Fizzwidget Industries) actually use frequently.

For an alternative, see Enchantrix from the Auctioneer suite.